Parent-Teacher Association

Our PTA established in 1993, it is organized by the school to build up a close relationship between school and family, strengthen the communication between teachers and parents and allow parents to experience the educational process of their children. Discussions about topics concerning childhood development help strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Contact With Parents
2020-2021 Parent Teacher Association Officer
Chairperson(K2A:Ya Ya Lo’s mother)
Vice ChairmanJennifer Kwok(Teacher)

(K2A:Georgina’s father)

Charlotte Chan(Head-Teacher)


(K3A:Aiden Chung’s mother)

Emily Lam(Teacher)


(K1B:Helton Cheung’s mother)

(K3A:Felix Sung’s mother)

(K3A:Daniel Ng’s father)

Ida Cheung (Teacher)

Carol Li (Teacher)

Mei ling Chan (Teacher)

Ginny Lam(Teacher)